As you all know the 11 year anniversary is coming up on the 23rd of next July. But we have some projects we must complete before then.

Those targets are as follows;

1) Even though songs like More than this, Best song ever, etc, have hundreds of millions of views, it's still not what they deserve. We have decided to stream the songs on July 22nd, the day before the 11 year anniversary to get the song to charts. Maybe we have to start streaming a little beforehand but still. We need to stream the song on every possible platform; YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music etc. If this is the same group of people who sold FNB stadium within a minute, then why couldn't we be able to do this?

2) This was planned a year ago, but this time we could easily do this. The second project is to stream Drag me Down, which as we can see is so close to 1 billion views, but, Story of my Life isn't, so we will stream Story of my life on July 18th (The last Sunday before the anniversary) and make the masterpiece number 1 on that day.

I think none of the above are difficult taskes, but that's only if we spread the words.

So kindly spread the words,guys believe me we can do it! I know we kinda planned it last time and fell short, but we can do it if we try harder.

For One Direction! 💖

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