Anne Twist
Full name

Anne Twist (née Selley)


October 21, 1967 (age 51)






Harry Styles, (Son)
Gemma Styles, (Daughter)
Robin Twist, (Husband)


Robin Twist (Husband)
John Cox (Ex-husband)
Des Styles (Ex-husband, father of Harry and Gemma)

Anne Twist (born Anne Selley) is Harry Styles and Gemma Styles mother. She maintains a public persona, regularly interacting with One Direction fans through Twitter. She appeared in One Direction's concert film This Is Us, along with other family members of the band...

Personal Life

Harry and Gemma's biological father is Des Styles, he and Anne divorced in 2001, when Harry was seven and Gemma was ten. She then briefly married a man named John Cox. Gemma and Harry kept their biological father's surname, while Anne changed hers...

On June 1, 2013, Anne married Robin Twist at a low-key event in Cheshire with Harry as best man and Gemma as maid of honour. In June 2017, Robin passed away after a battle with cancer.

Anne is close friends with the rest of One Direction's parents, in particular, Johannah Deakin, Louis Tomlinson's mother. Anne, Des and Harry were guests at Johannah's 2014 wedding to Daniel Deakin. Johannah passed away in December 2016, also after battling cancer.

The family are also close with music mogul Irving Azoff and his family, with Anne regularly interacting on social media with them, and the whole family spending Christmas/New Year 2015 vacationing with them in the Caribbean.

On March 19, 2016, Anne deactivated her Twitter and Instagram after someone hacked into her iCloud account and leaked several hundred pictures of Harry from the previous four months. She reactivated her account a month later.


Anne is a public promoter of charities she works with, such as Believe In Magic, which Louis and his mother are also closely affiliated with. Believe in Magic is a charity raising money for children in need of operations but cannot afford to do so. On September 28, 2012, Anne and her friend Vicky hiked the length of Mount Kilimanjaro for charity. She is currently participating in a campaign called "Save The Skylark", which is dedicated to restoring a Little Ship from World War II, inspired by Harry's starring role in Dunkirk Twist served as the judge for a worldwide art competition being held by the campaigners...[1]


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