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Doyen Global is a management company involved in marketing celebrities and athletes to the public. Liam Payne is currently signed with Doyen Global, the company extended into music representation specifically for him.

Background Edit

Doyen Global was launched in 2014 by Simon Oliveira and Matthew Kay. They specialise in talent management, sponsorship, brand consulting, content creation, creative and marketing.

Relationship with Liam Edit

When Liam announced his solo record deal with Capitol Records on July 21, 2016, he was also announced as having brand new public relations and management teams, namely Murray Chalmers PR (for public relations) and Doyen Global, for music management.

Doyen Global tweeted a warm welcome to Liam on July 25, stating "Pleased to announce the launch of our new music division at @DoyenGlobal & welcome @Real_Liam_Payne to our family[1]".

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