Flag of New Zealand

The flag of New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the countries visited for the Australasian leg of One Direction's Take Me Home Tour and Up All Night Tour.


New Zealand was visited on the following tours:

Up All Night TourEdit

Not part of the original tour schedule, New Zealand was eventually added, along with Australia and North America.

April 2012
Date City Venue
Sat 21 Auckland Trusts Stadium
Sun 22 Wellington St. James Theatre

Take Me Home TourEdit

The following concerts were part of the tour which took place in New Zealand:

October 2013
Date City Venue
Thu 10 Christchurch CBS Canterbury Arena
Sat 12 Auckland Vector Arena
Sun 13 Auckland Vector Arena

Wellington Edit

On April 22, 2012, Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall visited a local bar in Wellington on the last night of their Take Me Home Tour. As the night progressed, Harry and Louis became particularly drunk and danced around the club together. Fans began recording them and allegedly caught footage of Harry and Louis either closely embracing or kissing. One person recording can be heard exclaiming "Oh my god, they're kissing!" but the footage is too blurred to decipher. The footage has become famous amongst One Direction fans as they attempted to find clearer video of the night. Other low quality footage has been dubbed "Wellington quality" and any instance of filmed Harry and Louis interaction being blurry or obscured is referred to as "the Wellington curse".

There appeared to be an elaborate cover-up of the footage, as it was deleted from YouTube, the fan who took it "disappeared" from her regular online activities and both Louis's grandfather and sister tried to deny it was Harry or Louis at all, even though pictures clearly show them, as well as Niall and Liam.

The Wellington pub visit was referenced by Sir Ian McKellen in his sit-down interview with One Direction on the Graham Norton show in 2014. The band was originally scheduled to meet McKellen and the rest of the Lord of the Rings cast, but decided to go to the bar instead.


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