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Editing Guidelines


The One Direction Wiki: Calendar project hopes to record daily events that related to One Direction. Any given anniversary or event, say, the 11th of September, will be located at Calendar:11 September. Just pop along there and edit it. Then, on the 11th of September it'll appear on the main page automatically.


Each date can be found in it's appropriate article by the following the formula Calendar:DATE MONTH. For example, in order to add an event to the 11th of December, you'll have to go to Calendar:11 December.

You can also navigate by using the monthly links at the top of the page. Each month will list every day in order, and show you the events already recorded. Below every day there is a link provided to edit the day you wish to.

One image per day may be added as long as it relates to the event. More than one image would get messy when the day appears on the main page.

All events should be added in past tense (as if they've already happened even if they haven't).


The basic format on any given day is:

*"[[What Makes You Beautiful]]" was released.

*List event here
*List event here

Please stick with this format. Note that only the year is in bold - the festival, celebration, feast or whatever should be in normal text.

New entries should be inserted chronologically, so that the years are listed in proper order.


Do not add events that do not relate to One Direction. They will get deleted.