Popstar! is a wordwide monthly teen magazine featuring different celebrities, holding contests, and containing many posters.


Popstar! Magazine is a nationally recognized teen-entertainment magazine for kids ages 10 to 16. It was founded by editor in chief Matthew Rettenmund and was first published on October 15, 1998, with the then-new boy band 98 Degrees on its inaugural cover.Popstar! was the first U.S. teen-entertainment title to be published in full color and on glossy paper throughout. In a September 1, 2004, article in Folio magazine, media critic Simon Dumenco wrote, "Popstar!, in short, created a new blueprint for the teen celebrity magazine market," arguing that its design and approach influenced Bonnie Fuller and the tidal wave of celebrity tabloids of the early 2000s. The magazine has expanded to include fashion and beauty elements, albeit with a very celebrity-oriented twist. As of 2011, Popstar! was the oldest continuously published teen-entertainment title in America.

Popstar! is known for its interaction with readers via social media. As of February 2015, Popstar had over 330 million views on YouTube, 2 million Facebook likes, and 445,000 Twitter followers. Popstar's Editor-in-Chief Colleen Broomall often appears on syndicated radio and television shows as a pop culture expert.


An annual survey in 2007 by Experian Simmons Research of Fort Lauderdale, Florida found that Popstar! Magazine tied Nickelodeon Magazine among American girls 8 to 14 for familiarity, with nearly one in three girls in that age group surveyed saying they had read or looked at the magazine. Circulation was 270,148 as of December 2008.

As of 2013, the circulation reached to be of 119,396.

Issues featuring One Direction

  • February 2012 - present